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The next litter came from one of my favorite hot spots. Dineen lives in a Garden City location feral kittens always seem to end up. It used to be a nightmare for Dineen and the neighbors. Dead kittens were found all the time. And the ones that lived went on to have more litters. When we met Dineen she had three mommas and three litters. Some of you might have remembered that story. We worked together and all the kittens found homes and the moms were all spayed and returned to live the feral life they preferred.

This season Dineen knew who to call when she found three kittens huddled in the middle of her driveway. She loves fostering kittens as long as GCCCP can help with neutering and finding them homes. We make a great team. That is what Garden City Community Cats Project is all about, helping caregivers.

These 3 kittens should be ready for Simply Cats in about 3 weeks.

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