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This is what compassion looks like

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Carol got the black kitten someone must have dumped off right after being spayed. : ( Her poor little tummy was bare! When Carol got over there this morning the kitten was freezing, and all huddled up with her head down and a little blood on her nose where one of the other cats had whacked her. Sooooooo sad. So Carol hurried with her feeding and went home and enlisted help from her daughter, and loaded up a trap, a carrier, & a large fishing net and headed back over. The kitten was still huddled down away from the big kitties and looking like she had given up hope. She would come toward them and meow but would not let us touch her. They tried for about 2 hours to trap her and she would not go in. She did jump into a car door left open and you could tell she wanted help but was just too frightened of everything to trust anyone. So they finally waited until she was sitting in front of the set trap and walked up behind her and threw a big towel over her. She jumped up and ran right into the trap! Yeah! They took her to the vets and had her checked for a microchip but there was none. But she is TAME and hasn't stopped purring since they got her home.

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