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Transfer of Love

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

GCCCP is successfully helping many Garden City resident be the guardians for our free-roaming cats and kittens.

We have been helping our many colony caregivers all along. Caregives have taken on this responsibility from the beginning, but now, with so many cats being dispersed into the community because of redevelopment and the city’s lack of interest in the contract with the IHS, individuals throughout the city are faced with questions how to care for the cats and kittens that end up in their yards.

At first the call is “Take this cat!” But for those who love animals,the reality is that there is no place to take the cat. Now, let’s look at the whole picture. Cats can live inside or outside. If the cat can’t live inside for whatever reason, a small shelter and a bowl of water and food are all that’s necessary. A 22lb bag of cat food runs about $20.

We’re discovering that neighbors end up sharing a new-found cat. That’s what happened with Honey. Cleo found Honey in her yard but she’s allergic to cats. Her neighbor, Deb, loves cats but has two territorial indoor cats.

GCCCP told the neighbors that we would spay Honey. Cleo and Deb took Honey to their vet and had her checked out, vaccinated and tested for FIV and leukemia. Then the neighbors got to work networking to find Honey a new home. Honey now has a new home!

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