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What Do Catios and Angels Have in Common? You can’t have one without the other.

You can’t have one without the other.Development in Garden City is getting monstrous, consuming everything in its path.

GCCCP has seen content colonies of cats scatter in every direction. This puts a burden on the few neighborhoods left that care about them, along with their own anxiety about losing their own homes.

Martha has fed a colony for 7 years from her small trailer in an alley. GCCCP has helped manage it with her for 3 years. When the trailer park around the corner was swallowed up, the cats from there found Martha.

Around this time Kathy contacted GCCCP and wanted to “adopt” a caregiver. This means checking in with a caregiver and helping with food. That’s all GCCCP expects. Not Kathy!

She told us that when she put wet food down for a treat, 15 cats came over the fence to eat! Most of these cats were new. We trapped at Martha’s two years ago and had it somewhat under control.

Then Martha told us her rent doubled and she would be moving!

Kathy decided she would go home and create a 10’ x 10’ catio for all the cats we could trap and spay\neuter at Martha’s! That is 6 cats for now. She and her husband, Tom, did a beautiful job! It went off without a hitch.

And then, when I was still wondering where this angel flew in from, another angel arrived!...

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